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Aurora Quality Buildings
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competitive and affordable pricing.

Shop Aurora Quality Buildings and you'll see why we're absolutely the best built storage sheds and mini-cabins available on the market today. Take the time to shop the rest, then come experience the beauty, strength and lasting value of an Aurora Quality Building! We absolutely guarantee you won't be disappointed.

Everything about AURORA QUALITY BUILDINGS is different. Our designs, quality of wood, the inner makings, as well as your experience with AURORA QUALITY BUILDINGS. We believe, from the ground up, AURORA QUALITY BUILDINGS are superior in every aspect! Designed from a buyers perspective, AURORA QUALITY BUILDINGS have not, and never will use any particle or wafer boards! With the moist air of the Pacific Northwest, it doesn't take much to realize particle board just shouldn't be used! Some of our competitors construct their entire building from wafer board, the floor, walls, and roof, all from waferboard. Obviously, the competitors buildings are built NOT to LAST.... which is why most come with a one year warranty! ALL AURORA QUALITY BUILDINGS are backed with a limited ten year warranty! AURORA QUALITY BUILDINGS also features moisture barriers throughout the entire building. Under the floors, in the walls and also under the roofing. "BUILT TO STAY DRY" You won't even find it under our competitors roofing! Stick framed, on site, they have twice the wood of most other buildings. Double plating, extra studs in the corners, tongue and groove flooring and our 16" stud spacing are all unique to the industry! We use a full 8 foot sheet of plywood for sidewalls, giving a total building height of 12 feet. All standard equipment on an AURORA QUALITY BUILDING!

Many of our customers have special needs, whether it's complying with your neighborhood covenants or just keeping mother happy, AURORA QUALITY BUILDINGS can match up to any existing structure so your AURORA QUALITY BUILDING will look like it was meant to be there! Every aspect of your experience with AURORA QUALITY BUILDINGS will be top notch. Our crews, our fleet of new Dodge 1-tons and our up-to-date tools will all ensure your experience with AURORA QUALITY BUILDINGS will be first class! Decide what you'd like, then start getting excited! You're days away from owning your own AURORA QUALITY BUILDING.


Aurora Quality Buildings offers a wide variety of construction services to meet virtually every client's needs. Whether building a storage shed or mini cabin, Aurora Quality Buildings has the project team to meet your goals.

Have you been putting off building yourVacation Cabin? Don't wait any longer! With our one week build time, Aurora Quality Buildings will have you living in style in no time!


Due to rising fuel costs, and our desire to keep competitive, we will now be charging a $100 fuel sur-charge (per day per truck) on all sales orders.

Blueprints are available for
$3.50 per sq. foot per floor.

Extra charges will apply for mileage over 50 miles from our warehouse, more than 12 inches out of level, any site prep, more than 100 foot pack, ferry fees and customer is responsible for any hotel accommodations, if necessary, for the duration of the job. San Juan Island trip fees are $200 plus ferry fees and $100 extra per night in addition on larger sizes. Any deliveries requiring barge service are a flat $1000 extra in addition to all other charges.
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